Because we live in a society that continues to create both physical and virtual walls;
Because we prefer to assert ourselves than justify, we oppose instead of analysing, we judge instead of debating;
Because we cant stop categorizing, labelling;
The Globe Lawyer self-reflects and asks you to do the same.

Without being a Super Lawyer, although put in the spotlight, The Globe Lawyer will offer a report on a defined topic every 2 months. This report will include different sections to help you rethink the world through the prism of law, justice and art!

So Bienvenue, Welcome, Bienvenida, Walcommen, Willkomen, Huan Ying, Kar Svakom, Yōkoso, to the Globe lawyer!

And yes, the Globe Lawyer is multilingual:
At least it aspires to be and offers for now, two versions, one in French and one in English.

The Globe Lawyer is humanistic and realistic:
The Globe Lawyer aspires to a new order to avoid sailing between Scylla (counterproductive cynicism) and Charybdis (angelic idealism).

The Globe's Lawyer is a globetrotter:
Bhutan, Azerbaijan, Lesotho, Myanmar. The Globe lawyer will enable you to explore the world in a click, taking a fresh look abroad.

The Globe Lawyer is a lawyer without "borders":
The Globe Lawyer advocates a global view of law by exceeding both geographical as well as "ideological" divisions. Down with the differences between civil law and common law, between the "pragmatic" racketeers and human rightist "idealists". We must create bridges across different legal systems, different generations, different cultures and different members of our world.

The Globe's Lawyer is aesthete: Art is another way to think about law and justice and what they represent in our societies.

The Globe Lawyer is human (So you will excuse contradictions and excesses): The Globe Lawyer is also focused on life because life cannot be reduced to standards.

In short, the Globe Lawyer is both singular and plural. The Globe Lawyer is you, me, lawyers worldwide, judges, prosecutors, victims, defendants, but also all those who wish to a live together in harmony.

Hold on to this Magic Globe, keep your eyes and ears open, let yourself be carried by the wind of discovery, humanity and justice and you will be able to build bridges over walls!!!

Happy reading!