With the Cannes Film Festival ending, the Globe Lawyer chose to honour a film that created turmoil along the Croisette. It’s a film of incredible light-heartedness, subtlety and poetry while handling one of the darkest periods of history. The Director supports this in his quote "even in horror there is a seed of hope" and it is that which constitutes our common humanity.

Here are three clues from the Globe lawyer in order to discover the film:

1) The film begins with the following sentence:

“This is a simple story but not an easy one to tell. Like a fable, there is sorrow and, like a fable, it is full of wonder and happiness.”

2) The name of this 7th art masterpiece is a quote that was uttered by Leon Trotsky to his wife during his stay in Mexico before discovering that he was going to be murdered.

3) The number worn by the hero is the same as on Charlie Chaplin’s uniform in The Great Dictator.

However, if you did not find the name of this film, don’t be too disappointed, you can always find the answer in the Magic Globe: do not forget that "La vita è bella"! Here's a little excerpt:


( original version subtitled in English)