Dear Globe-Readers,

The one who produces your blog The Globe Lawyer with love is me!

Through my magical globe, I can see how disappointed you are. I understand: this does not help. I will try to give you more details.

I love light pink, watching sunsets, listening to my favorite songs over and over again, walking barefoot on the sand, dressing up and discovering new quotes that I write in my notebook! And also photojournalism, travelling, meeting, arguing: but you knew that already.

I hate queuing, cats, heat, people who make noises with their mouths, bad faith! (Now you know a lot about me, don’t you?!)

OK, fine, fair enough! You would like to know about my background, my training skills, and the reason why I started that crazy Globe Lawyer adventure!

I always dreamt of travelling the world, I had a passion for literature and international relations. I left the family cocoon to study one year of Hypokhâgne (preparatory class for advanced studies in art and literature) in Lyon, after getting my “scientific oriented” bachelor degrees.

The following year, I started to study law. After two years of university and after getting my comparative law diploma, I travelled to Sweden for one year, to complete an ERASMUS program at the Stockholm University. That was when I became a Globetrotter. One year after I returned, I left again: the Lawyer School and the passion for travelling were calling me. I started working for the Special Tribunal for Cambodia, in charge of the trial against the Khmer Rouges leaders, under the assistance of the United Nations, and based in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. It offered me the chance to uncover the challenges and the limits of criminal law, and also to discover a fascinating history and culture, as well as a new legal system.

As a lawyer, I am especially passionate about my profession and about the legal world, and I question them too. All along my training and professional experience, I tried to get the global picture of it, so I put together my interest in several areas of law (business law, criminal law and Human rights), and in different levels (national, regional, or international).

Moreover, I was always fond of art, especially literature, cinema and photojournalism.

That is how the Globe Lawyer was born: it is a new kind of media, sparkled by my interest in law, justice, discovering new cultures by travelling, art and writing.

Now you know everything about me! Well almost everything …

Oh I almost forgot! Maybe I should have started there: my name is Sonia Messaoudi, but you my beloved Globe-Readers can call me Sonia M.

Bises, Kiss, Peace !